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Whether your Depressed, suffer from Mental Health Problems have been bullied, then my story is relevant to you and I hope that people can take something from my story, It’s my story, it is what I have been through and I want to tell it, if my story helps just one person seek help, then it was worth telling.

If your having problems, seek help, if your being bullied, speak up, nobody deserves it make a stand and lets stamp out the idea of not being able to talk staying quiet does nothing, problems do not quietly go away.

Seek help, I promise if you look and try hard enough, you will find it it took me nearly 30 years, but I am getting help.


If you are struggling, even I will try and help, give what advice I can, signpost you in the right direction, I am a survivor, I have made it this far.

Be proud of who you are, you are not in this alone, and if your down, there is only one way to go.


I can be contacted at blog@mistafozz.co.uk